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Tutorial on Software Defined Radio


Communication devices are all around us. Mobile phones has changed our lives by incorporating all the communication technologies in a single platform. These communication technologies include Wi-Fi, GPS, Cellular telephony (GSM, 3G, 4G and beyond), NFC, bluetooth, Zigbee and etc.. Most of the devices which supports these technologies are software based. A single platform which is programmed to achieve multiple task. Hence, Software defined radio (SDR), where all of the amplification, filtering, modulation is done using software rather than hardware. The Idea behind SDR is "to bring our code as close to antenna as possible". This platform allows user/students to design, implement and test their radio on the run. It is also useful to teach courses in the field of communication engineering.
Mr. Muhammed Mustaqim will be giving a tutorial on the topic of Software Define Radios (SDRs) from the origin to the current research trend in the field. There will be some live demonstrations during the tutorial using RTL-SDR/HackRF for signal reception which will be beneficial for all those EE / CS students who likes to learn about the next generation radios in the field of communication. All the interested faculty members from faculty of engineering are also welcome to join.

About the Author:

Mr. Muhammed Mustaqim has received his BS in Electrical Engineering from in 2007. He received his MS in Telecommunication from PAF-KIET, Pakistan in 2012. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in RF and Microwave systems.
He has authored/co-authored 24 research paper which includes 13 journal papers with ISI impact factor and 11 international conferences. Currently, he is working as an Assistant Professor at PN-Engineering College, NUST, Karachi, Pakistan. At NUST - Karachi, he is the Incharge of Communication Engineering and PNEC-Software Defined Radio labs.



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